Fuel for heart and mind – This week in review

I thought I’d do a post every once in a while rounding up the week, sharing what I read, saw, heard, ate or experienced. Here’s some things from this week.

  • Work trip to Oslo. Going to Oslo is equal parts comfort zone and equal parts discovering new places these days. I left Oslo in 2003, after having lived there since 2000. A lot of things are still the same, a lot of things are new. It’s fun to find new places and still know my way around and not ever feel lost.
  • International Women’s Day 2018 – what an inspiring day! People joining in to the cause from all corners of the world, the web and in person and reflecting on the issues that are so real and so important to secure a balanced and fair world.
  • Best news – may the rest of the world follow! The Queensland Government announced a ban on plastic bags effective 1 July this year. “The Queensland Government is taking action to protect our unique environment through the introduction of a ban on the supply of single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags, and a beverage container refund scheme. Both of these schemes will commence on 1 July 2018.” My friends are always joking about how I will do anything to avoid using single-use plastic bags and this is a matter close to my heart. If it fits is my arms I will not use a plastic bag just to carry the items to the car and into the house.
  • This podcast featuring Siri Tuseth is well worth spending 20 minutes on. (It’s the episode release on 3/6/2018). Siri owns the yoga centre I started practicing yoga and she is such a good teacher and a very wise woman. The podcast is in Norwegian.
  • Managing a headache just using essential oils and getting better and faster relief than pain killers. I now have a roller bottle of peppermint oil sitting on my desk at work and use it not just for headaches (which I thankfully don’t get very often) but to roll on my temples and wrists for a pick-me-up throughout the day. It also smells delicious!
    • I got most of my oils earlier this year after having tried a few with great success during our trip to Italy last year. My friend Ina has been such a good help in providing useful resources for reading, in addition to all the research I have been doing myself. Fun fact: I used to babysit Ina and her siblings when they lived in Norway many years ago – her family are close friends with my family – now she’s happily settled in Perth! She writes beautifully about living a low-tox life, so go check out her beautiful page!

A happy Sunday and new week to anyone who stops by!

Inger x

Oslo, outside Nathionaltheateret train station, on my way to the airport express to go home.



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