Family travel – stopover in Austria

We have done road trips in Europe a few times now and although it takes longer to get to your destination compared to hopping on a plane, what we love is how much we get to see and experience on our way there, making for a a lot of variety during those precious family holiday weeks. Last year we drove through Denmark, Germany and Austria to get to Italy.

Despite the inevitable challenges a driving holiday will throw at you (long days on the road, occasional impatient passengers) I will say that the good things about a driving holiday by far outweigh the bad. Arriving in a new place every night on your way to your destination, taking in new views and listening to the nighttime sounds of an new place and in taking a stroll around the neighbourhood in the morning, taking photos, and then, when you’re getting ready to leave, getting all excited about the drive ahead and the places you’ll see. For us the journey definitely is an adventure.

We’d just made our way through the flat landscapes in the south of Germany, the temperature was sitting in the 30s and it was very hot. In the afternoon we saw the jagged, steep, grey mountain tops of the Austrian alps in the distance, and as we crossed the border, we were greeted by fresh green trees, grassy fields and after about 30 minutes across the border we arrived in the little town of Berwang. We’d driven through the area before but never stopped to spend the night, but this time we booked it simply based on the timing of arriving there when planning our drive, and how well located it was to the main road. We arrived into the small village, sitting at the foot of the mountains, the mountain sides dotted with fir forest, the rest green with fresh grass growing on the hillsides. The temperature had dropped to 12 degrees, and there was a thunderstorm on its way. From our accommodation – a basic but homely apartment in a traditional Austrian house, we enjoyed the view up the hill toward the church, and in the evening we huddled under the blankets listening to the most perfect thunderstorm and heavy rain. We woke up to the sun shining, the air hazy with moisture from the rain, the sound of cowbells from the cows grazing peacefully on the hill behind the house. Before we left we did a little sightseeing in the sleepy village and took some photos. Whenever we drive through Austria we always talk about how stunning it is and how we should spend more time there. Maybe next time?




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