Garden in February

I know it’s really early in the year still and I won’t get my hopes up about spring already, but today was one of those days where the air felt a little different, a little milder, no wind to speak of and so I walked around the house to check the state of the flower beds and pull out some plants from last year that need to make way for new ones in a month or two.

I deliberately left the veggie patch untouched over the winter as I figured the wilting plants might provide some nutrients to the soil until the new season starts. When I pulled them up I found tiny little seedlings growing from the seeds the vegetables had dropped, and the little kale plants I placed there in autumn still alive. I also found some perennials that have started making their way up, and the rhubarb is also alive already. In not too long we can spend our Sundays outside, tidying, weeding, digging, planting and hosing and all the things that we do to prepare for a season of outdoor living.


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