A weekend at Lindesnes Lighthouse

“So, I was wondering if you and your sister and the kids wanted to join me at the lighthouse in Lindesnes in August?” My mum has been wanting to book a stay there for a while, and had been quick to reserve it when it became available in the last weekend of August – the last weekend of summer. She didn’t need to ask twice – we were so thrilled at the opportunity to stay at the lighthouse watchman’s house.

I really love taking the kids places where the natural surroundings engages them and lets them explore on their own terms. Where you dare to trust in their own imagination and ability to find their own fun. This place was a gem. They were taken with the ocean view, they listened to the breaking waves, climbed the surrounding hills and rocks, explored the underground tunnels and sat on the steps and chatted their way through lunch. We fished for crab in the shallow water and ended up giving the local fish population a feast on prawns instead.

The weekend delivered the best weather we’d seen all summer. I think of it as the last hurrah before signing off for the season to let Autumn take over.

I went to sit at the foot of the lighthouse to watch the sunrise. Then we had our morning coffee at the little kitchen table with the golden sun streaming in.

We explored the rocks beneath the lighthouse, picked wildflowers and collected pink stones, sat and watched the ocean sway quietly and breathed in the sea air that always makes you breathe a little deeper because it just feels so good for the body and mind . We sat in our PJs on the rocks and closed our eyes and turned our faces to the sun.

The whole weekend just felt like a warm hug, we made beautiful memories and when departure day came, the kids didn’t want to leave. And that’s always a sign of a weekend well spent.





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  • Brit Brunvær

    For en flott helg vi hadde! Du har klart å fange alle de gode stemningene både i ord og bilder?. Takk til deg og til resten av reisefølge til Lindesnes.

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