What we did this Sunday

Six kids playing downstairs, running, laughing, energy levels high. The haze from the morning had cleared and gave us a few hours of sun and the temperature crept above zero.

I was filling bowls of soup, listening to the kids downstairs, I decided to serve them lunch outside, first one of the year, in the sun on the deck in the lower part of the garden, where the sun hits you directly and you are kind of sheltered from the wind.

The kids really needed to release the is-it-spring-yet energy which fills us all to the brim at this time of the year. They cheered when I asked if they wanted to have their soup outside.  After eating they played for a while on the grass, doing cartwheels and blowing bubbles.

The temperature was three degrees.

“It’s kind of like a summer’s day!” my youngest shouted, her nose and cheeks red from the chilly air, hair dancing around her head, all the sun rays caught in it.

“Yes”, I said, reaching out from under my wool blanket to grab my tea which I’d just made just minutes earlier, but which had already cooled to drinking temperature. I thought of how we in summer also sometimes need to find shelter from chilly breezes and have hot tea to warm us on a cool summer’s night. “Yes, I guess it kind of is”.




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